New Single – Underground – out 25/06/2021

Big announcement! ❤ On 25/06/2021 We are releasing Underground, the first of three singles to be released as part of The Neon White EP.

A song abiut unrequited love. He is madly in love with her but they have known each other for so long already that they are well aware of each other’s deepest desires and weaknesses and it would never work out between the two. She has accepted the fact, he has not, which makes his heart so heavy with despair that it’s dragging him down to earth and almost below.

Musically speaking, Underground links the various epoques of synthpop and creates something new. Analog synths and drum computers from the 80s and vocoders from the 90s meet samples, chops and vocals typical for this young decade of the 2020s.

Preorder it now on Apple Music:

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